Welcome to the Restaurant Facilities Group

Restaurant Facilities Group was founded in order to fill a need by restaurant owners and managers to have a single source in which to find the top leading professionals in their respective fields of service. By partnering with reputable companies, we are able to offer resources for all of your facility needs. Each member of the group was picked due to their reputation, knowledge, and coverage in each of their individual industries. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a service that looks out for your bottom line and delivers value through relationships and experience.



Frying Green? What does that even mean?

Frying Green?  Is that even a thing?  The simple answer is YES!  But first, some background……. In a location that serves fried food, it is not uncommon to see a commercial kitchen that discards their cooking oil pre-maturely, or without the oil ever being filtered.  This waste is often unintentional and unnecessary, but there are instances where employees, not knowing how expensive each gallon of oil really is, will discard the oil rather than filtering so that they can clock out and get on with their evenings.  Sometimes the effects of this aren’t ever realized or understood by the customer, and other times it is only recognized after the bill has been received and paid (a much higher amount than normal). From the farm to the table, most people never consider what it actually takes to get oil to a fryer and the impact it has on the environment.  On the farm, you see land, lime, pesticide, fuel and water consumption.  During it’s production, we see large amounts of power being used to clean, cook and de-hull the feed stock (soybeans for example), they are then processed and packaged for delivery.  Transport requires energy and fuel consumption as well.  It is easy to see that there is a definitive, and costly, carbon element to creating cooking oil. So again, Frying Green, what does that mean?  At Filta, there is a commitment to not only ensure our customers oil life is being handled as efficiently as possible, but also to be good stewards for the environment.  Reducing the amount of oil that is used in a kitchen can have a... read more

What is a Merchant Cash Advance, and why is a Loan from ARF Financial a Better Choice?

A merchant cash advance (sometimes referred to as a business cash advance) is an alternative form of financing where the cash provider purchases a fixed amount of a merchant’s future credit card sales volume, typically at a discount of up to 38%. The advance is paid back from a percentage of the merchant’s daily credit card receipts until the agreed upon amount has been paid back. The average term of these advances is from 6 to 9 months. The daily repayment ebbs and flows with the business’s credit card sales. The higher the sales, the quicker the advance is paid back thus raising the cost of funds significantly (APR’s can range from 50% up to 200%). If you’re a business owner considering a merchant cash advance, consider a smarter alternative — an Unsecured Business Loan or Line of Credit from ARF Financial. An ARF loan is the preferred choice over a merchant cash advance – rates are lower, payments are fixed, terms are longer and the interest you pay is tax deductible. Repayment has nothing to do with your credit card receipts. As your sales increase, your payments remained fixed. That means you reap the benefits of the increased sales, not the cash advance company. If you’re seeking a merchant cash advance to finance an equipment purchase, inventory, expansion, remodeling or marketing, consider instead a 12 – 36 month loan from ARF Financial. Our longer terms ensure your payments will be considerably lower with less impact to your cash flow. Five Important Reasons Why ARF is Better Rates can be up to 50% lower than a cash advance Unlike a... read more

Can Openers

There’s much more to a can opener than just a sharp blade! Ever notice that even the cleanest kitchens have one thing that may not look so great?  Of course, that would be the can opener! Can openers just seem to attract rust and grime.  Health inspectors love to pick on them.  In addition to looking less than desirable, have you ever experienced the frustration of using a faulty can opener?  Not to mention the safety risk of metal shavings and hazardous can edges. Cozzini has a solution to the can opener dilemma.  The Cozzini Can Opener Exchange Program eliminates the need to ever purchase or replace a can opener again! A dirty and difficult can opener will be the issue of the past. The Cozzini Can Opener Program provides a fully reconditioned can opener replaced on a predetermined frequency. Your reconditioned can opener has all new internal parts:  the blade, spring, gear, and pins. A sharp blade is meaningless if the gears are stripped or the spring is damaged! Next we sandblast the entire can opener and provide a like new finish You have a completely reconditioned can opener that looks and functions like new.   One less thing for you to worry about by removing the guess work.  One more way Cozzini makes your life easier!... read more

Should A Slicer Blade Be Sharpened?

Are you throwing money away using a dull slicer blade? That very well could be the case. A dull blade causes chafing and tailing, so more of your product ends up in the garbage. Product appearance suffers. You need the Cozzini Bros. Slicer Blade Exchange Program! Our service technician will replace your blade on a pre-determined schedule. You can rely on our over 100 years of experience to professionally bevel, taper, and sharpen your blade. You will get better product appearance and significantly reduced waste! Go ahead and slice that prosciutto paper thin! It will look great and you’ll have significantly reduced waste with your razor sharp Cozzini slicer blade. A better question for an operator would be “Can you afford not to maintain a sharp slicer blade?” The program practically pays for itself. You’ll never have to buy another blade. You’ll have less food waste, with the added benefit of improved product appearance.  Spend less time maintaining the slicer blade, because our blade will stay sharper longer.  A sharp blade is a safe blade. One less thing for you to worry about by removing the guess work.  One more way Cozzini makes your life... read more

Sharpening your own Knives vs. Professional Knife Sharpening Service

At Cozzini, we understand the importance of making a budget and doing everything possible to stay within that budget. All good businesses must work within a budget, Cozzini Bros. included. Challenging economic times call for challenging decisions to be made. It comes as no surprise to Cozzini when we hear our customers express their need to cut expenses. However, we are surprised on occasion when one of our customers cancels our service.  “Your service was great”, they tell us. “But we’re buying our own knives and sharpening them ourselves to save a little money”. We also understand how busy you are. From the moment you walk through the door, you’re inundated with demands for your time. Phone calls, emails, people that need to see you, inventory, ordering, problem solving and you haven’t even begun preparing your kitchen for another busy day. The last thing you want to do is add another chore to your plate. So if you’re thinking about cancelling our knife service to save some money, here are some things to consider first: How much will you really save? Let’s consider some of the expenses: Cost of: Knife sharpening equipment & maintenance New knife inventory- on-going due to damaged, lost & worn knives Paying an employee to sharpen the knives – daily or weekly Additional safety risk Employee’s time that removes them from their function. Now consider that for one low price, Cozzini: Provides your kitchen with a custom knife program Delivers knives  sharpened by a skilled professional using state of the art equipment Proactive replacement of worn knives Replacement of broken & lost knives Sharpening your... read more