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My Name is Merrill Henry your DFW area Loan Consultant. I am a TCU graduate with 16 years of Banking experience primarily in lending. I’m very familiar with the restaurant industry as I spent six years with the Restaurant Association working with restaurateurs resolving their challenges. I’m a Ft. Worth resident and lived in DFW area cumulatively for 10 years. I have a passion for the Restaurant industry and would enjoy helping you reach your financial goals. I can offer straight forward loan options based on your needs that feature fixed terms and affordable payments with no collateral required. Whether you are looking to expand to a new location, renovate, purchase equipment or simply stabilize your cash flow, I’m here to help you. Restaurant owners call us first because we are not a cash advance or factoring company. We have nothing to do with your credit card transactions. The loan you receive is tax deductible resulting in lower overall cost of funds. The payments you make remain fixed and will not change during the term of the loan-as you revenue grows you keep more of it. Please contact me and I will work hard to get you the funds you need to grow your business!

Contact me at (847) 561-9043, email me, or fill out the quote form and I can get you an immediate, customized loan proposal.


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What is a Merchant Cash Advance, and why is a Loan from ARF Financial a Better Choice?

A merchant cash advance (sometimes referred to as a business cash advance) is an alternative form of financing where the cash provider purchases a fixed amount of a merchant’s future credit card sales volume, typically at a discount of up to 38%. The advance is paid back from a percentage of the merchant’s daily credit card receipts until the agreed upon amount has been paid back. The average term of these advances is from 6 to 9 months. The daily repayment ebbs and flows with the business’s credit card sales. The higher the sales, the quicker the advance is paid back thus raising the cost of funds significantly (APR’s can range from 50% up to 200%). If you’re a business owner considering a merchant cash advance, consider a smarter alternative — an Unsecured Business Loan or Line of Credit from ARF Financial. An ARF loan is the preferred choice over a merchant cash advance – rates are lower, payments are fixed, terms are longer and the interest you pay is tax deductible. Repayment has nothing to do with your credit card receipts. As your sales increase, your payments remained fixed. That means you reap the benefits of the increased sales, not the cash advance company. If you’re seeking a merchant cash advance to finance an equipment purchase, inventory, expansion, remodeling or marketing, consider instead a 12 – 36 month loan from ARF Financial. Our longer terms ensure your payments will be considerably lower with less impact to your cash flow. Five Important Reasons Why ARF is Better Rates can be up to 50% lower than a cash advance Unlike a... read more