General Rules of Frying

filtaOil is an expensive consumable that has a limited lifespan. Crumbs, salt, and other impurities introduced to the oil through the deep frying process, reduce the lifespan of the oil, requiring frequent oil changes. FiltaFry saves the customer money by micro-filtering impurities out of the oil, which extends its usefulness. FiltaFry’s micro-filtration process can reduce the original oil disposal amount by 50%.

General Rules of Frying

Never heat the oil above 365°F or it will spoil more rapidly. Use a thermostat or thermometer and regularly check them for accuracy. Regulate the temperature of the oil as carefully as possible, avoiding hot spots and high flames. Frying at too low a temperature will result in greasy products and an excessive absorption of oil by the food.

Fry the food in the correct amount of oil. The general rule is to fry one part of food in six parts of oil. If too much food is immersed, the temperature of the oil will drop and the food will be greasy. If too little food is immersed, the amount of oil needed to top up the vat becomes small and the main bulk of the oil will spoil more rapidly.

Prepare the food carefully, ensuring that it is as dry as possible before frying. Wet foods, particularly potatoes, tend to make the oil froth and break down. This is unsafe and wasteful. Fragile foods must be handled carefully to avoid break-up during frying. If

one of the proprietary materials for keeping potatoes white is used, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.

Clean the oil regularly by skimming at the end of each day, to remove the small pieces of burnt food which might accumulate. Clean the equipment by scrubbing with an approved cleaner and avoid the use of water wherever possible this should be completed at least once per week. Remove all residues from the fryer as any remaining cleaning residues or products of the cleaning process will cause catalytic degradation of the oil. Do not use iron, mild steel or copper strainers and utensils, as these metals accelerate the breakdown of any oil.