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North Texas Filter HVAC Filter Replacement

Managing Your HVAC Service Schedule Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler.

The simple truth is a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work when deciding on a filter service plan. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated either. To help navigate the process, we’ve developed a step-by-step approach to deciding what’s right for your unique situation.
When choosing a filter we need to consider a few things:

· What kind of HVAC system do you have?
· What level of efficiency (MERV Rating) do you want from your filter?
· What kind of environment are you operating in?
Balancing these key points will help determine what kind of filter is best for you.

As your filter ages and collects more dust and particles its’ resistance to air flow increases. Over time your equipment will have to work harder which leads to a drop in efficiency. The key here is determining a filter change interval that maximizes your value, but doesn’t approach the point where your system is being choked of air. Your environment and filter type will weigh heavily in this balancing act.

We have a three tiered approach to cover most situations.

This is where we decide what you’d like included in your service. We have a three tiered approach to cover most situations.

Service Level One
Choose the type and size filters you need and we’ll deliver them to your door. Deliveries correspond to your custom change interval so you’ll never wonder when it’s time to change them. This is great for those that want to install filters themselves, but don’t want the hassle of sourcing and inventory.

Service Level Two
This level includes a visual inspection of your system plus the installation of your filters. This option is great for customers looking for a budget-conscious solution but don’t have the time or want the liability exposure of installing the filters themselves. Remember, many filters require the roof to perform the service.

Service Level Three
Our premium level includes the visual inspection, filter change PLUS a condensation pan treatment. Also included is an annual tune-up performed by one of our partner companies. This is truly one-stop shopping. Designed for customers who want to consolidate all of their preventive maintenance with a single vendor.

We Give You Choices!

We pride ourselves on having the ability to refine and cater our services to whatever level our customers need. From a simple delivery to full service, we have you covered.

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Five Reasons to Change Your Filters on a Regular Schedule

Extend the life of your HVAC unit A dirty filter is the most common cause of a HVAC system failure. As contaminants accumulate on the filter, air can’t pass as easily. This leads to the motor having to work harder. Regular filter changes is an easy way to extend the life of your HVAC system. Reduced Energy Costs That clogged filter is making your HVAC system work harder. The more congestion in your filter the harder (longer) your system needs to run to maintain your desired air temperature. Regular filter changes means your system doesn’t need to run as long which equals lower energy costs. Better Air Quality Clean air filters equal better health. Dirty filters worsen the air quality and exacerbate the symptoms of allergies or asthma. Clean air filters will help maintain a healthy work environment for you and your employees. Maintain a Clean Overall System Contaminants will eventually lead to an overall dirty HVAC system. This includes, air vents, coils, and duct work. Maintaining clean air filters helps to keep dust and debris from accumulating in all parts of your HVAC system. This leads to lower cleaning and maintenance costs. We’ll Get the Job Done Right North Texas Filter is a fully insured, professional service company dedicated to the niche work of replacing commercial air filters. Let us assume the responsibility of tracking and maintaining your filter service schedule. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to take on any filter change whether it’s on your roof, in your attic, or throughout the ceiling. Let our safety trained staff handle this dirty job so you can... read more