Sharpening your own Knives vs. Professional Knife Sharpening Service

cozziniAt Cozzini, we understand the importance of making a budget and doing everything possible to stay within that budget. All good businesses must work within a budget, Cozzini Bros. included. Challenging economic times call for challenging decisions to be made.

It comes as no surprise to Cozzini when we hear our customers express their need to cut expenses. However, we are surprised on occasion when one of our customers cancels our service.  “Your service was great”, they tell us. “But we’re buying our own knives and sharpening them ourselves to save a little money”.

We also understand how busy you are. From the moment you walk through the door, you’re inundated with demands for your time. Phone calls, emails, people that need to see you, inventory, ordering, problem solving and you haven’t even begun preparing your kitchen for another busy day.

The last thing you want to do is add another chore to your plate.

So if you’re thinking about cancelling our knife service to save some money, here are some things to consider first:

How much will you really save? Let’s consider some of the expenses:

Cost of:

  • Knife sharpening equipment & maintenance
  • New knife inventory- on-going due to damaged, lost & worn knives
  • Paying an employee to sharpen the knives – daily or weekly
  • Additional safety risk
  • Employee’s time that removes them from their function.

Now consider that for one low price, Cozzini:

  • Provides your kitchen with a custom knife program
  • Delivers knives  sharpened by a skilled professional using state of the art equipment
  • Proactive replacement of worn knives
  • Replacement of broken & lost knives


Sharpening your knives onsite adds an unnecessary risk of injury liability. Just one medical claim eliminates any savings for potentially decades.

Given our over 100 years of experience, we have found that a large percentage of customers that canceled service to sharpen their own knives, have happily returned to Cozzini.

Key learnings from our customers: They tell us that the savings were not as great as they had anticipated. Inconsistent quality and no comparison to the Cozzini quality standards.   Customers replaced knives more than they thought.  Lastly and with regret, some employees were injured.

Cutting costs has its place. But not when it means adding another chore to your never ending list of things that must be done in so little time.  Let Cozzini do what we do best.

One less thing for you to worry about by removing the guess work.  One more way Cozzini makes your life easier!