Should A Slicer Blade Be Sharpened?

cozziniAre you throwing money away using a dull slicer blade?

That very well could be the case. A dull blade causes chafing and tailing, so more of your product ends up in the garbage. Product appearance suffers.

You need the Cozzini Bros. Slicer Blade Exchange Program! Our service technician will replace your blade on a pre-determined schedule. You can rely on our over 100 years of experience to professionally bevel, taper, and sharpen your blade. You will get better product appearance and significantly reduced waste!

Go ahead and slice that prosciutto paper thin! It will look great and you’ll have significantly reduced waste with your razor sharp Cozzini slicer blade.

A better question for an operator would be “Can you afford not to maintain a sharp slicer blade?”

The program practically pays for itself. You’ll never have to buy another blade. You’ll have less food waste, with the added benefit of improved product appearance.  Spend less time maintaining the slicer blade, because our blade will stay sharper longer.  A sharp blade is a safe blade.

One less thing for you to worry about by removing the guess work.  One more way Cozzini makes your life easier!