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Chase Fire & Safety, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business that is long on experience and customer satisfaction. We service the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as well as other major Texas cities with their fire and safety needs. We’ve built this company on faith and genuineness and strive to give our customers only the most reliable and punctual service around. We continue to expand our customer base and look forward to serving you as one of our valued clients.

We install, inspect, re-certify and maintain all brands of fire extinguishers and kitchen suppression systems. We also install and inspect emergency and exit lighting and provide onsite servicing, which is conducted by our highly trained technicians in strict accordance with health and safety standards. Allocation and installation of all equipment is carried out in accordance to the specific needs of your business and follows all local and state requirements.

  • Same day service (in most cases)
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Complete building inspections

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10 Fire and Safety Concerns in your Commercial Kitchen

10 Fire and Safety Concerns in your Commercial Kitchen A food service establishment is subject to hidden and illusive safety concerns that, if not addressed may impact its survival, the safety of its staff, and the safety of its guests.  There is a lot that can go wrong in a kitchen, and cooking equipment is responsible for 57 percent of disastrous restaurant fires.  Meant as a follow up to “What to Expect from Your Annual Fire Inspection,” here are a few safety concerns to address in your commercial kitchen: Inadequate separation between open flame appliances and fryers.  In order to be compliant, there must be a 16 inch area of separation between cooking appliances, or a 16 inch vertical non-combustible metal divider must be place. Without adequate separation, oil can splash or splatter into open flames, causing a fire risk.  Always consult your fire suppression company when making any changes in your kitchen equipment layout. Combustible construction within 18 inches of hood. Combustible materials around the kitchen hood and cooking area may aid in the spread of fire. Incombustible materials such as mineral wool pad (or equivalent), provide a barrier that creates a break in the fire’s path. Fire suppression system/ fire extinguisher tags out of date.When a kitchen suppression system is serviced, a tag should be left by the servicing company indicating the service date. An out-of-date tag indicates that the system is not being serviced regularly. Suppression systems should be inspected every 6 months and extinguishers annually. The fire suppression system is not UL300 Listed.The UL300 Standard for Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for the Protection of... read more