Green Cleaning

unnamedGreen Cleaning

Our industry is in transition as a part of the overall world effort to reduce the impact of harsh chemicals on people and the environment.  SiteForce recognizes the benefits of green cleaning practices and promotes utilizing green products.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is simply defined as “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.” More broadly, it means using cleaning tools, chemicals, equipment, and other products that have a reduced negative impact on the environment, the user, and building occupants.

Green cleaning for janitorial services offers better environmental performance and improved worker health and safety, while retaining the same sanitation quality as traditional, more chemical-intensive methods.  When green cleaning practices are correctly employed, no “cleaning power” is sacrificed.

Why Green Cleaning?

Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can have serious adverse effects on janitorial staff, building occupants, and the environment.  Personnel handling cleaning products used to clean floors, carpets, plumbing fixtures, and other building elements can be risk for a number of adverse health effects.

Janitorial products can cause harm to the environment during their use if they are poured down drains, circulated through building ventilation systems, or disposed of outdoors. Environmental damage can also occur during the development, manufacture, and transport of these products.

Utilized correctly, green cleaning can help to reduce many of these health and environmental hazards.