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About our Company and Dedication to Service:

North Texas Filter has been providing best-in-class commercial HVAC filter sales and service for over 20 years. Serving all of North Texas, our service is more cost-effective and affords less liability than having your maintenance staff handle the job of filter replacement in-house. Additionally, this helps enable you to focus on running your business rather than investing your time in routine maintenance requirements.We will stock any type of filter upon customer request, and will custom build filters for unique situations. We provide service programs, along with the direct purchase of filters and related products. North Texas Filter is fully insured and only employs trained, uniformed, courteous employees. Our goal is to maintain your HVAC system as quickly, quietly, and professionally as possible. Mission StatementOur Mission is to provide superior value for our customers by offering services and products designed to keep their HVAC systems running at peak performance.Who We AreNorth Texas Filter is a preventative maintenance company dedicated to providing building owners and tenants in the North Texas area cost-effective solutions to their HVAC service needs. We have the expertise and resources to handle everything from basic filter changes to custom developed solutions.

What we do:

  • Planned Filter Service on HVAC systems
  • Direct Sales of HVAC filters, delivered to your door
  • Custom Solutions to unique air filtering situations

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Five Reasons to Change Your Filters on a Regular Schedule

Extend the life of your HVAC unit A dirty filter is the most common cause of a HVAC system failure. As contaminants accumulate on the filter, air can’t pass as easily. This leads to the motor having to work harder. Regular filter changes is an easy way to extend the life of your HVAC system. Reduced Energy Costs That clogged filter is making your HVAC system work harder. The more congestion in your filter the harder (longer) your system needs to run to maintain your desired air temperature. Regular filter changes means your system doesn’t need to run as long which equals lower energy costs. Better Air Quality Clean air filters equal better health. Dirty filters worsen the air quality and exacerbate the symptoms of allergies or asthma. Clean air filters will help maintain a healthy work environment for you and your employees. Maintain a Clean Overall System Contaminants will eventually lead to an overall dirty HVAC system. This includes, air vents, coils, and duct work. Maintaining clean air filters helps to keep dust and debris from accumulating in all parts of your HVAC system. This leads to lower cleaning and maintenance costs. We’ll Get the Job Done Right North Texas Filter is a fully insured, professional service company dedicated to the niche work of replacing commercial air filters. Let us assume the responsibility of tracking and maintaining your filter service schedule. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to take on any filter change whether it’s on your roof, in your attic, or throughout the ceiling. Let our safety trained staff handle this dirty job so you can... read more